BriteGate T8 LED Tube

BriteGate T8 LED Tube offers high build-in quality, durability and good price performance value for commercial and residential lighting applications. BriteGate T8 LED Tube delivers a full spectrum of colour, with a CRI more than 70, and typically pays for themselves in less than 6 months in many installations. As opposed to conventional analogue driver modules which use E-Capacitors (which is commonly known as having short, if not the shortest life span component) and its bulky size, BriteGate T8 LED Tube is built with first of its kind E-capacitor free Digital IC Driver which is longer lasting and durable. Qualified for both Singapore Green Building Product standards and ROHS Compliant, this higher standard of quality ensures high stability and reliability of the LED tube.

General Details

E-Capacitor Free Design
It is commonly known that the Electrolytic Capacitor used in the conventional Analog type Driver module has inherently limited useful lifespan of 8000~10000 hours before failure. BriteGate’s design is without E-cap, hence eliminating the shortest life span component in the system.


Comfortable Viewing Experience
BriteGate’s various design can cater for various range of “light color”, or ” Correlated Color Temperature, CCT” to provide comfortable viewing experience, determined by the users.


Premium LED Chips
Various types of high quality LED package with good light efficacy with ~130 Lumen per watt (LED level), robust packages, good light deterioration or light decay curve, and some with LM80 compliance, are used and customized per customer’s preference.


Digital IC LED Driver Module
As opposed to conventional Analog Driver modules which typically uses E-Capacitors (which is commonly known as having short, if not the shortest, life-span component) an it’s bulky size, our unique Digital LED Driver Module is semiconductor IC-based with very small footprint (Driver IC just 4mm X 4mm) and without using E-Cap, hence more durable, lasting and long life.


Accredited by Singapore Green Building Council
BriteGate T8 Tube is accredited by Singapore Greeen Building Council for higher environmental standard being UV and mercury free contributing to an improved quality of life for building users. SGBP Certificate Number : SGBP 2016-499

*Applicable to BriteGate T84F18W1800L

Specs & Variations
Length 2F ( 596mm ) , 4F ( 1198mm )
Wattage 10W,18W, 26W
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 6000k
Color Warm white, Cool white, Daylight
Lumens 1000LM, 1800LM, 2400LM
Tube Type Frosted, Cleared
LED Chip SMD2835
LED Count 120pcs, 168pcs, 252pcs
PF PF>0.9
Beam 120°
Base G13
Warranty 2 years
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