Brite Portable Flood Light

Brite Portable Flood Light is ideal and perfect for fishing/picnic/use in confined space. Brite Portable Flood Light delivers up to 2300 lumens of cool 6000K light, with great energy savings consuming less energy than a traditional incandescent bulbs.

General Details

Suitable usage including Fishing, Picnic, Camping, Sporting, Cycling, Hiking, Driving, Outdoor Party, night events & working use for mechanic & wireman. Perfect for use in night events or confined space

  • Re-chargeable with Lithium-ion Battery, with optimal battery life up to 500 charges.  The battery can also be replaceable.
  • 3 mode function – 100% Brightness / 50% brightness / Blue & red emergency light

Flicker-free instant start up
Life span of 20,000h with low light decay

Specs & Variations
Wattage Lumen Colour Additonal parameter Warranty
10W 700LM 6000k 35mil , AC 110-240V , 4400mAh , full charge last 4 hours 1 year
20W 2300LM 6000k 35mil , AC 110-240V , 8800mAh , Special function 100%, 50%, Blue/Red emergency light. Full charge last 5 hrs for 100% & 13 hrs for 50% 1 year

Camping Light

Fishing Light

Picnic Light

Mechanic Light