Brite LED Ceiling Light Source

Brite LED Ceiling Light Source is perfect for HDB replacement from fluorescent tubes to LED, replacing only the circular fluorescent tube with LED ceiling light source while using back the original cover. Using Isolated driver with improved safety features enhance stability and reliability of the ceiling light, the Brite LED Ceiling Light Source is easy to install via magnet plates, the light is soft and uniform light with no glare and highly efficient with great savings to electrical bill. It's environmental friendly which reduce carbon foot print and provides a healthy lighting environment.

General Details

Replacement and key features video

  • Built with Epistar LED chips, which earned a reputation to produce for higher quality and longer lifespan LED compare with a local LED chip.
  • Engineered with isolated LED driver that comply with all safety features, which means higher safety standards and longer life span of driver
  • Designed to work with lower output voltage of 40V DC, less heat generated thus prolong the life span of the driver
  • Encapsulated with thermal conductive epoxy to enhance heat dissipation which prolong components life span
  • Built using a copper & silver base and wire bonded with 25µm of 99.99% purity GOLD wire ensure best conductivity, reliability and higher luminous efficiency
  • Simple and hassle free installation
  • Easy to install Brite LED light source via magnet plates
Specs & Variations
Wattage 12W, 18W, 24W
Lumen 1200LM, 1750LM, 2400LM
Color Warm white, Daylight
CCT 3000K, 6000K
LED chip Epistar 5730
LED count 24, 36, 48
Color single
Dimmable No
Warranty 1 year
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