Brite COB Ceiling Spot Light

Brite COB Ceiling Spot Light delivers up to 1760 lumens of warm 3000K light, with great energy savings consuming less energy than a traditional halogen spot light. Brite COB Ceiling Spot Light are designed to last 20,000 hours and ideal for lighting and enhancing the atmosphere of any space.

General Details

High durability with simple aluminium base and polycarbonate coveres


Flicker-free instant start up
Life span of 20,000h with low light decay


Isolated driver with improved safety features
Passed 15 standard tests
Highly Stable and reliablility


Conforms to Singapore safety standards, and is registered under Spring Singapore for Safety Mark which ensures our product have been type-tested to meet all safety requirements

Specs & Variations
Wattage 6W, 12W, 22W
Lumen 480LM, 960LM, 1760LM
Colour Black, White
CCT 3000k
LED Chip 2835
Size Ø75mm, Ø85mm, Ø125mm
Cut out Ø62mm, Ø65mm, Ø110mm
Beam angle 24º
Safety Mark Yes
Additonal parameter AC90-265V, CRI>RA80
Warranty 1 year

COB Ceiling Spot Light Safety mark




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