About Brite

Brite is a Singapore leading innovator and manufacturer of LED Lighting solutions and supply of a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products for commercial and residential applications.


Being a local Singapore brand, Brite is the market leader in prototyping & innovating LED applications and products through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting while ensuring consistent performance and reliability. With R&D facilities in Singapore, Brite aspires to solve restrictions and limitation with current lighting technology and bring added value in creating high performance LED products with high quality and safety standards.


Why Brite LED
LED offers high quality, long life, low energy consumption and eco-friendly to the environment. This changing landscape has helps us improve many aspects of lighting applications that was previously limited by the use of traditional lighting. For Brite, this means only the beginning in creating good light sources to deliver a brand new lighting experience. With Brite LED Lighting, energy is saved up to 80%, 3 times longer life than traditional lighting products, in turn transferring all the savings to the end-user in the long run.


Today, Brite have continually exceeded industry standards for brightness and efficiency. Selected Brite products are accredited by achieving safety requirement and passing testes such as the Singapore Green Building Council, Spring Safety Mark, ROHS compliant and NEA Energy label.